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Fareed Hommi was born in 1965 in Alqosh, Iraq. He started singing when he was in elementary school during school events and parties. Fareed took part in many church plays as well. Fareed is a patriotic singer; he is devoted to his Syriac language and homeland. For this reason many of his songs reflects the love and devotion to his fathers land. In 1988 Fareed filmed two songs in Alqosh, Hee Mthelan and La Kthawa w La Khabra in which their music and lyrics were written by Samir Zory and these two song where broadcasted by Karkouk Iraqi TV In 90th he wrote many poem about Mount Al- Qoush Martyrs in which he recorded in Audio Cassette. He was a member of Sheera group that devoted to Syriac people speakers. In addition, Fareed produced his first album, Jena, in 1996. The album was recorded in Alqosh and then distributed in America. In 1997 our singer produced his second album in which called Tera Dshlama. Fareed then left his homeland and moved to Syria and formed new band called Babel Lion in which he had his first event with the great singer Foud Salem. During that he produced two albums Dalaly and Nekhraoutha in 2005 and 2006. Freed afterward immigrated to America in 2006, where he worded to produce a new album with the great singer Juliana Jundo as well as producing a new video clip by the name of Zorta Zorta. Fareed is also producing a cassette about the life of patriotic martyr Toma Thomas. Also he is hoping to produce an Opera that bring all the signers together in San Diego, California. The Opera is focusing on the unity in Diaspora.In 2009 Fareed worked with Juliana Jundo to produce a new album  titled Halle de Halle in which Juliana is taking part in two songs, Thalem Thalem and Hale Hale.

ولد الفنان (فريد هومي) في عام 1965 في ناحيه القوش محافظه نينوى, بدا الغناء من مرحله الدراسه الابتدائيه بالمشاركه في النشاطات المدرسيه وقام بتشجيعه استاذ ماده النشيد الفنان (البير اسحاق) كما شارك في العديد من المسرحيات الكنسيه كذلك كان احد الاعضاء البارزين في فرقه القوش للرقص الشعبي كذلك مدرب فرقه الرقص الشعبي في نادي بابل الكلداني وقام بتشجيعه كل من الملحن الكبير المرحوم(وديع كجو) والشاعر والكاتب الكبير الاستاذ (فاضل بولا)والصديق الشاعر(سمير زوري) كما نجح في اختبار الصوت بدرجه امتيازمن قبل لجنه مشكله من اساتذه موسيقين في الاذاعه والتلفزيون في بغداد وذلك عام 1987وبعدها قام بتسجيل اغنيتان في المجمع الاذاعي والتلفزيوني في نينوى وتم تصوير الاغنيتان في (القوش) عام 1988 الاغنيه الاولى (هي مثيالن) من كلماته والحانه والثانيه اغنيه (لاكثاوا ولا خبرا) من كلمات والحان الشاعر (سمير زوري) والاغنيتان كانت تبث في تلفزيون كركوك القسم السرياني في ذلك الوقت وكذلك كان احد الاعضاء في فرقه مسرح ( شيرا ) للناطقين بالسريانيه في بغداد وشارك معهم في العديد من الاعمال المسرحيه والغنائيه ويقوم الفنان (فريد هومي) .بكتابه معظم اشعار اغنياته

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